RNS: Directorate / PDMR Shareholding

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Company has been notified that the Trustee of the Company's HMRC Approved Employee Share Acquisition Plan ("ESAP") has purchased 19,500 ordinary shares of 20 pence each in the Company in accordance with the ESAP's rules and on behalf of all ESAP participants.

The shares were purchased on 17 April 2015 at a price of 153 pence each in respect of the six month accumulation period ended on 31 March 2015.

Under the terms of the ESAP, participating members, including employees and certain Directors of the Company, contribute a fixed amount to the Trustee on a monthly basis. The Trustee acquires a number of shares in the Company at the end of the six month contribution period (the "Period") based upon the contributions made in the Period and determined by the lowest share price at either the beginning of the Period or on the date of purchase. In this instance the share price used for the allocation of the number of shares for ESAP purposes was the price on the date of purchase.

As a result of these purchases, the Company has been notified that Paul Webb and Nigel Poultney, directors of the Company, have acquired an interest in 492 shares and 589 shares respectively.

Following the share purchase in relation to the ESAP, the interests of Paul Webb and Nigel Poultney in Synectics shares are as follows:

Director Position Beneficial Interests Interest in Share Schemes Resultant Total Interest % of Issued Share Capital
Paul Webb Chief Executive 0 268,276 268,276 1.51%
Nigel Poultney Finance Director 13,000 258,416 271,416 1.53%

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