Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

12 November 2020

COVID-19: Management Update

The Board has continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation across Synectics’ UK and international operations and update action plans on a regular basis.

Safety is our Priority

Throughout the current pandemic the priorities have been to:

  • Protect the health and well-being of our employees and customers;
  • Provide ongoing support to our customers, especially where we are providing essential security and safety;
  • Manage our business for the long term by taking prudent short-term actions and maintaining capability.

Open for Business

Management has worked hard to provide our customers with a full range of services throughout the pandemic. We are proud of how the Synectics team has responded to support customers, despite the significant disruption to many operations over recent months.

A growing range of remote capabilities has enabled Synectics to create new and innovative ways of delivering customer projects and providing customer support. These new ways of working have also enabled many of our employees to work from home in response to government requirements and guidance.

Following a formal risk assessment, all Synectics UK sites have been declared 'COVID-19 Secure for 2020' and remain open. When working from home is not possible, this means Synectics can ensure continuity of customer support and project delivery.

The company’s international offices are also open and are following similar risk assessment and management processes. These will be adapted as necessary to comply with local government regulations and guidance.

However, due to local restrictions, the Synectics US office in California is temporarily closed.

Ready for the Future

The management team has established protocols to ensure all workplaces are safe, enabling employees to return to office working over the next few months in line with any updated local guidance. This will allow a planned, gradual and safe return to work for our people as we continue to invest in our products, technology, service, and support for customers around the world.

Further Information

Further details of changes to business operations and working practices, and how to contact the business teams, can be found at:


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