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Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement: November 2018

1. Introduction from the Board
2. The structure of our organisation
3. Our business
4. Our policies on slavery and human trafficking
5. Our 2018 commitments
6. Our 2019 commitments
7. Training
8. Statutory statement

1. Introduction from the Board

Synectics plc is committed to the highest level of ethical standards and sound governance and fully supports the government’s objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking.

This statement is the annual update for the financial year ending 30 November 2018 to Synectics’ approach to addressing slavery and human trafficking and provides a backward look at our previous commitments and our new commitments for the forthcoming year. The statement is applicable to each of the subsidiary companies within the Synectics group.

2. The structure of our organisation

Synectics is a leader in the design, integration, control and management of advanced surveillance technology and networked security systems.

We work across four core sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Gaming
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • High Security & Public Space

Through five global hubs:

  • UK
  • US
  • Europe
  • UAE
  • Singapore

Our business is split into two focussed divisions: Systems and Integration & Managed Services (‘IMS’):

Systems provides specialist electronic surveillance systems, based on its own proprietary technology, globally to end customers with large-scale and highly complex security requirements.

IMS focusses on delivering end-to-end, high integrity security and surveillance solutions, as well as service-led solutions for the management of facilities and security services.

3. Our business

With a consolidated Group turnover of just over £70 million in 2017, from a net asset base of just over £40 million, we design, deliver and manage integrated security and surveillance systems for the world’s most demanding security environments.

We are a global operation and utilise an international supply chain to ensure a consistent, quality product at appropriate, competitive prices.

4. Our policies on slavery and human trafficking

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business and, insofar as is possible, to requiring our suppliers to have a similar commitment.

We have a number of Group policies and procedures which set out the standards of ethical behaviour we expect in all areas of activity. This suite of governance documents includes specific policies to address business ethics, bribery and corruption, whistleblowing, corporate and social responsibility, and, as committed to in Synectics’ previous Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement, this now includes a policy specifically addressing modern slavery and human trafficking. The governance framework is continually reviewed and amended to ensure that this remains relevant and appropriate.

Synectics’ approach to the issues of modern slavery and human trafficking continues to be:

  • Comply with legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Make suppliers and service providers aware that we promote the requirements of the legislation and, insofar as is possible, to require our suppliers to have a similar commitment
  • Consider modern slavery factors when making procurement decisions
  • Develop an awareness of modern slavery issues

5. Our 2018 Commitments

The Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, approved in November 2017 highlighted a number of actions the business would undertake in 2018 to support our commitment to ensure there are no instances of slavery or human trafficking.

We Said We Did
Finalise and roll out amendments to the domestic and international terms and conditions of sale and purchase. Domestic terms of sale for both QSG and SSGL have been updated and they include Modern Slavery obligations in them. The terms used by SSS are being updated ‘as required’, with around four of their contract forms updated for Modern Slavery provisions.

Domestic terms of purchase have been reviewed as a whole and changes, when identified or required, have been made.

Substantial progress on our international terms as a whole is underway, but yet to be completed.
Review those supplier relationships where they are not prepared, or are unable, to confirm their compliance and adherence to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 as part of Synectics’ amended terms and conditions of sale. We began reviewing our supplier relationships in the autumn of 2017 and good progress was made. Due to personnel changes within the supplier management team, this process has taken longer than we would have anticipated, but is now continuing apace.
Formally evaluate supplier propositions by including consideration of modern slavery points in the supplier selection process. The supplier qualification process incorporates consideration for the supplier’s compliance with modern slavery.
Continue to assess any instances of non-compliance on a case-by-case basis and tailor remedial action appropriately, specifically by including this as a standing item in our Quality System review meetings. We are reviewing the process to highlight instances of non-compliance and the remedial action proposed to be taken in line with the implementation of a code of conduct.
Continue to ensure that our governance policies appropriately document Synectics’ approach to the issues of modern slavery and human trafficking including a review to ensure that the process of reporting concerns is clear and effective. Our approach to addressing issues relating to modern slavery and human trafficking is detailed on our website, in our Annual Report and Accounts and is considered through all levels of the organisation.

The implementation of an externally facing code of conduct to encompass all Synectics policy principles within our supplier qualification process ensures that our governance policies remain aligned with our documented approach to these issues as part of our supply chain compliance with all our policies.

6. Our 2019 Commitments

We Will...

  • Replicate and incorporate robust contractual provisions into the international terms and conditions of sale and purchase.
  • Complete the review of supplier relationships – including a review and where necessary, re-negotiation of contractual provisions we have with our key suppliers, incorporating Modern Slavery provisions into those terms.
  • Continue to ensure that reviews of governance documents, policies and procedures accurately and appropriately reflect the importance Synectics places on eradicating slavery and human trafficking from its business, suppliers and customers.
  • Fully implement a supplier code of conduct declaration, to incorporate Synectics’ policy principles.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Bribery & Corruption
    • Diversity & Equality
    • Ethics
    • Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

    Plus additional statements on:

    • Sustainability
    • Environmental practices

7. Training

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, we provide training to relevant members of staff. Synectics’ approach to modern slavery and human trafficking is also included within our induction programme for all new staff. All Directors have been briefed on the subject.

8. Statutory statement

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 30 November 2018.

This statement has been approved by our Board of Directors, who will review and update it as necessary on an annual basis.

Approved by the Board of Synectics plc.

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