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Smart technology should be an enabler of human capability, not an end in itself.

Synectics has always been committed to developing and providing tools which allow clients to use the systems to their maximum effect – tailored solutions which meet their exact needs, in the environment they operate and the sector they serve.

The key to achieving this is that our technology experts are also security and surveillance experts. They understand our clients’ environments, the details which can make the difference between success and failure. Our systems are designed by security professionals for security professionals.

The power, flexibility and user-friendliness of Synergy 3

At the heart of our solution is Synergy 3, a powerful, highly flexible platform which sets us apart as a technical leader in our industry.

"The Synergy system is probably one of, if not the best, on the market. The guys who work on it on a day-to-day basis love the fact that it’s so easy."

We are all accustomed to the world of the internet and the smartphone, accessing anything we need with a single click of a mouse or touch of a screen. This expectation is transforming the security environment with professionals expecting these advancements to translate into technologies and functionality that deliver intuitive and responsive control.

Customisation is key. The solutions we develop using Synergy 3 can be configured to associate threats detected with a customer’s specific operating procedures or legislative requirements to generate real-time on-screen workflows that enable rapid, informed and consistent decision making. This principle extends to user experience. The graphical user interfaces we design are highly user-friendly, and can also be customised for each individual operator.

Specialist solutions that add value

We make a significant ongoing investment in developing, and rigorously testing, new technologies and tools. But we are also careful to focus our attention on solutions that add real value.

Integration and interoperability – multiple systems working seamlessly together – are becoming ever more important watchwords for our customers.

The reality is that many of the individual components in a security and surveillance solution are relatively generic. Often, much of the hardware required can be obtained on the open market at highly competitive prices. Where industry standard components are perfectly suited to the job in hand, we use what is already available and integrate it into our systems.

Our open architecture mindset provides additional long-term benefits for organisations and their infrastructure. When organisations upgrade their capabilities to take advantage of latest technology, they frequently want to be able to leverage what they already have and enhance it, not rip it out and start again. Synectics’ solutions enable them to do this efficiently, by connecting with third-party solutions, existing hardware and other components which may still be relevant, and creating new applications and superior performance around these.

We also develop the proprietary specialist hardware needed in environments for which generic products are simply not sufficient. For example, our COEX camera stations are designed and thoroughly proven to cope with the most challenging environments, including extreme climates and hazardous areas. They are widely deployed by our customers in the oil & gas, marine and critical infrastructure sectors, where they offer a level of performance and reliability that standard products cannot approach.

Designing for a fast-changing world

In many cases, our clients need to integrate surveillance functionality with a whole host of other applications that go way beyond traditional surveillance.

Across the transport sectors for example, from city buses to long distance trains, we are working with organisations which want the ability to unify visual and audio data, alarms and any number of transport-specific sub-systems, within a single monitoring and control environment, in order to improve security but also enhance overall passenger experience.

They are not alone. This desire for holistic solutions which connect many capabilities across an enterprise, while offering an intuitive, tailored experience for each individual user, points the way forward. Helping organisations achieve this ambition is a task to which Synectics’ specialist ‘value-added’ approach and technical expertise are well suited.

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