Our People

We are totally customer focussed – our values underpin everything we do


A technology leader with a people-centric culture

Synectics is a company with a strong personal touch and a recognition that people matter.

Our customers are not only large global corporations – leading players in their chosen industries, governments and major public bodies – they are the individuals within those organisations who carry perhaps the most important professional responsibility of all. That of protecting and serving their fellow citizens.

People rely on the technologies we develop and solutions we provide to identify risks and deal with operational threats day in, day out. Our teams are motivated to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients, tailoring our proven technologies and products to meet their precise needs. In these situations, nothing is too much trouble.

Going the ‘extra mile’ may be a business cliché but, to us, it is essential. When the stakes are so high it has to be.

Our values underpin everything we do.


"We look at business in terms of people: our colleagues, our customers, and above all the people we keep safe."


"We are committed to our customers; our customers’ needs guide everything we do."


"We are creative and innovative; we are solution-led and relentless in our quest to find the right outcome."


"We do what we say we will do, and we do the right thing."

Specialist skills, sector knowledge

Our teams have decades of experience of working in the industry – they are security and surveillance experts, not technology generalists. More importantly, they are also industry specialists. It is impossible to comprehend what customers need without first appreciating the world in which they operate.

The flexibility of our solutions means that, for example, customers operating in the oil & gas and gaming sectors are able to utilise the same proven, industry-leading software platform, Synergy.

But it is the experience and knowledge of our sector experts that allow us to tailor those solutions in order to deliver exactly what these diverse and distinctive customer groups require, from considering the scale and complexity of what has to be accomplished, to recognising the minute changes to a user interface that will make an operator’s job easier and save vital seconds at a crucial moment.

Understanding sector challenges is not Synectics ‘adding value’ to its proposition. It is our proposition.

Investing in our culture and our capabilities

In recent years, we have embedded policies and practices across the business to ensure that the ‘whole’ is greater than the sum of the parts. We know who we are as a company, and we are aligned behind a common purpose.

Training at all levels and in all the disciplines relevant to our business, from technical skills to leadership capabilities, is hugely important to us. As is recruitment. We place great emphasis on attracting and selecting the right people – strengthening our team with significant and targeted external hires, while also recognising the critical importance of developing and retaining our best people, and of succession planning.

We are immensely proud of our people, and it is clear, if you walk into any of our offices around the world, that our teams are proud of each other and the work they do for our customers.

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